Welcome Page

Hello fellow classmates of Marysville High School 1971! Our 50th Reunion is around the corner! Please mark your 2021 calendars for the week of August 13-15, 2021.

This site is currently under construction and you will soon be able to contact classmates, post broadcasts, and contribute or follow along as the planning of our 50th reunion progresses.

Please fill out your profile today (its free). You will find your name in the Missing Classmates list; it only takes a few minutes to fill out your profile. Or, if we have some previous profile information, you will find your name in the Classmates Profiles list; please update the old information as soon as you can so the reunion team and other classmates can contact you.

All Profiles are in the "open" status right now, so if you know current information about your other classmates, please add it. The Classmate Profiles will be locked down at a later date.

It would make this site a lot more fun if you would post pictures to the Gallery. Contact us if you are having any problem posting photos. Don't forget to check out the Classmate Profiles! They are fun to read.

Sadly, we have lost some dear friends over the years and we would like to honor their memory. Please see the In Memory page. If you know of friends who have passed, and their names are not on the In Memory page, please let us know. If you have the obituary link, please send it to us and we will add it to the In Memory page as well. There is also an option for anyone who would like to write a passage about a friend we have lost.

Updates: We will try to send monthly updates between now and 2021--but truthfully, there may not be many updates in the early stages. You can follow us anytime at http://www.marysville.71.com